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Amazon Web Services - the world leader in cloud technologies, providing the broadest set of cloud services for companies of all sizes.

AWS Cloud products enable all automation tasks in the cloud while maintaining complete control over system performance and scalability. With AWS, you can leverage the best computing power and out-of-the-box services for your specific business needs, while reducing costs and time to launch new solutions. The largest international companies, small organizations and even start-ups rely on AWS solutions for their business.

Softline is an AWS partner and helps companies choose the best architecture for solving specific business problems using cloud services.

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AWS Cloud Products

AWS provides the most flexible and reliable cloud infrastructure and complete set of services to solve any type of problem. All AWS cloud products are scalable with a few clicks, and deep customization controls and optimizes cloud costs.
Computing power

EC2 virtual machines and serverless computing. More than 270 types of instances for any task. Resource scaling based on load and fine tuning to optimize cost.

Cloud storage

The best indicators of performance, scalability, availability and reliability of data storage. AWS provides object, file, or block storage, as well as backup and cloud migration services.

Databases in the cloud

15 specialized database models ready for building enterprise-grade solutions. Manage and scale in the cloud for high performance and availability at scale.

Containers in the cloud

AWS is the best platform for running containers. AWS provides out-of-the-box tools for managing, securing, and integrating containers with other AWS cloud products. 80% of all containers in the cloud run on AWS.

Machine learning

Ready-made ML and AI services for building highly intelligent applications. SageMaker service for quickly creating, training, and deploying ML-models.
Seamless integration with AWS cloud products for data processing, storage and analysis and other tasks.

Аналитика данных

Create data lakes for analytics in just a few days.
A wide range of services for analyzing, processing and storing data. Reduce costs by managing computing power and storage tiers without compromising security.


AWS provides the most secure and flexible cloud environment, protected from external and internal threats.
Proper use of services for access control, data encryption, threat detection, and privacy compliance will ensure that your
cloud infrastructure is protected and controlled.

Internet of Things (IoT)

AWS IoT is a comprehensive set of cloud services for quickly building IoT solutions of any size from smart homes to smart businesses and cities.
In addition to processing data from devices, AWS can quickly connect AI services to “cleanse” data and process it quickly at any scale.

Developer tools

AWS cloud products are highly regarded by developers around the world for their openness, reliability, and ease of use.
Together with AWS, you can dramatically accelerate the development and time to market of software solutions and mobile applications with ready-made templates, integrated CI / CD tools, build automation, and test environments.

AWS Use Cases

Focus on your business - technical issues have already been resolved in AWS. Combine these and other AWS out-of-the-box services to build your own solutions and reduce the load on your data center.
Backup <br/> and data storage
and data storage
Ready-made services for processing data arrays and visualizing analytical information
Corporate <br/> analytics
Secure, flexible, reliable and cost-effective scalable solutions for of all data types
games and applications
games and applications
Build Better Games With AWS The Way 90% Do developers by all over the world
Power increase without <br/> investment
Power increase without
Manage computing power flexibly and save on services AWS
Automate DevOps practices with out-of-the-box tools from AWS detailed
Cost Optimization for AWS Services
Cost Optimization for AWS Services
Track your costs in the cloud, optimize and predict your IT budget
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Why Softline

Every day, Softline experts and architects of solutions consult developers and business partners, helping to choose the best set of AWS services that will directly reduce the cost of IT resources.
Softline builds an optimal cloud architecture and supports customers throughout the entire life cycle of AWS cloud services.
Choosing AWS services
  • consulting and selection of AWS services;
  • IT infrastructure audit;
  • calculation of TCO in support of the strategy of transition to the cloud;
  • building an optimal architecture for complex solutions and individual components;
Moving to the AWS Cloud
  • migration to AWS and building hybrid solutions;
  • world experience in implementing cloud projects of any complexity;
  • payment by invoice in rubles;
  • accounting and tax reporting in accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation
Optimizing work in AWS
  • monitoring and optimizing costs for AWS services;
  • cloud infrastructure security;
  • Russian-language support 24/7/365;
  • dedicated technician and flexible communication
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